7.22: Bon Voyage / Die letzte Klappe

Titel: Bon Voyage
Episode 7.22 - Bon Voyage
Air date: 15 May 2007

Written by:
Directed by: Lee Shallat Chemel



Just as Rory lands her dream job as a political reporter, Luke enlists the help of everyone in Stars Hollow to throw her a graduation party. Emily and Richard attend the huge party, where Rory makes a speech thanking Lorelai and the whole town for giving her such a great start in life. Luke's thoughtfulness brings out an unexpected reaction from Lorelai.

Finally, on the morning that Rory leaves Stars Hollow to start her career, Luke opens the diner before dawn to share a celebratory breakfast with the Gilmore girls. CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour makes a cameo appearance as a guest at the Dragonfly Inn.

Also ich fand die Folge gut. Ich finds auch okay, dass die Serie so endet. Rory hat Yale beendet und ihre Zukunft liegt offen vor ihr. Es gab viele schoene Rory/ Lorelai Szenen, die an frueher erinnerten. Und genauso schwer wie ihnen der Abschied voneinander faellt, faellt er uns auch. Es war eine schoene Folge um Abschied zu nehmen und meiner Meinung nach ist es ein guter Zeitpunkt. Und gerade das alles etwas offen bleibt, macht es schoen. Was waere denn ein Finale wo alles endet? Doppelhochzeit haette ich auch furchtbar gefunden.

Nee, so ist es schon okay. Ich fands einen gelungenen Abschluss. Vielleicht war es sogar besser, dass sie es nicht genau wussten, manche Serienfinale wirken so gezwungen und geben einem nichts.

Alles wichtige hier ist doch geklaert.

Rory zieht in die Welt und tut das was sie seit der ersten Staffel erreichen wollte. Waere sie jetzt verheiratet, haette sie diese Chance nicht, und Rory als housewife, nee nicht wirklich. Lorelai und Luke haben wieder zueinander gefunden. Richard ist stolz auf Lorelai und die Friday Night Dinner werden weitergehen.

Hi GG Fans

Für alle die das Finale nicht sehen konnten
ich habe das Finale gesehen echt gut gemacht

danke GG für 7 schöne Jahre


Gilmore Girls 7.22 “Bon Voyage” Series Finale Recap

Episode Name: "Bon Voyage"
Episode Number: 7.22
Air Date: May 15, 2007
The Dragonfly Inn. You see Lorelai drive up in her Jeep (all fixed!) with Rory. Lorelai came to get Rory because Christiane Amanpour arrived at the Inn. Rory is so excited! Lorelai asks Michel when she came in - last night! She’s staying there! He avoided telling her because she goes gaga over celebrity guests. Lorelai goes over to say hi while Rory peeks around a corner.
Lorelai tells Christiane how big a fan Rory is of her. Lorelai calls Rory over to meet Christiane. Rory apologizes for being in her PJs - Lorelai really dragged her out. Rory says thanks to Christiane for her . Christiane asks what Rory’s goals are - print, tv, etc. She is impressed with what Rory says about keeping her options open. Christiane gives Rory her card and says to send over some of her stuff.
Rory’s thought… she just met Christiane Amanpour. In her PJs.

Lorelai is sitting on Rory’s bed, talking about rollercoasters. Planning their summer trip, going from rollercoaster to rollercoaster across the country. Lorelai asks if Rory is scared. Busts Rory for screaming once on a rollercoaster. Rory says she’ll be eyes open, no screaming. Rory just finished addressing many dozens of resumes to send out to all the papers.
Rory unpacks her box. Inside, the love rocket. What a sad thing. Rory says she hasn’t talked to Logan. That it comes in waves - big ones. Lorelai says it’s ok to let herself feel bad, and some day it will feel better. Rory asks if that was true for her and Luke, and Lorelai says yes. No, it’s done. She is over him. Rory says Luke isn’t over Lorelai, but Lorelai insists that she is over him. And that being friends is better with Luke. A healthier relationship.
And it slips about Rory’s reenactment graduation party. With the band and the town and the party. Rory whines a little about it, but agrees.
Luke is putting in an order for the food for the party. Liz comes into the diner with the baby. Liz says Doola misses Luke - but it’s a ruse to get Luke to babysit. Liz wants to go out to get clothes for Rory’s party. Liz asks if he gave the necklace to Lorelai, and he says no, it was just a backup. Liz asks, what about the song? It meant nothing? He says it was nothing, that he’s over her.
Gilmore dinner. Emily, Richard and Lorelai are sitting at the table. Rory is not there yet. She’s having drinks with the guy she writes for online, getting career advice. Emily berates Lorelai for taking Rory on such a silly vacation. A month of rollercoasters. Lorelai says it might be her last opportunity to do this with Rory. Who knows when they’ll do it again - where she’ll end up accepting a job. Emily says she’s being too dramatic.
Emily suggests Lorelai add a spa to the Dragonfly. That it’s all the rage now. Lorelai says she is doing really well at the Inn, she doesn’t need a spa. Plus, that would be way past her budget.
Rory got a job. She leaves in 3 days! Rory was having drinks with Hugo Grave, the guy who she’s been writing for online, and he mentioned that the reporter covering the Barak Obama quit, and asks if she would want it. She accepted. She’d get to go on the road with all the other journalists. Buses. Flights. Hotels.

Lorelai is so excited for her. Rory is a little stressed. Leaving in 3 days. No transition. And who knows how long she’ll be on the road. It could be 2 years before the campaign is over, and she might not get time off. Lorelai says they can do the rollercoaster trip another time. Rory would have real press credentials! And a great resume and contacts![INDENT]"This is it. This is the last time we’ll see you for who knows how long" - Emily[/INDENT]

[INDENT]"Oh yeah, I guess it is." - Rory[/INDENT]
Lorelai says they’ll have after-dinner drinks for sure.
Rory and Lorelai come into the diner. Rory has a list of things she needs to get before she goes. Rory and Lorelai came in for coffee. Ceasar insists that Luke come take their order - Ceasar is trying to prove that

Lorelai says the party is cancelled. The party was in a week and Rory is going away in 2 days - she got an awesome job traveling the campaign for Barak Obama. So, canceling the food order. Kirk, Lulu, Miss Patty and Babette are all freaking out. No party? What about the reenactment they were promised! Lorelai does a 20 second reenactment right there at the diner, handing over the diner menu as a diploma. She apologizes for not being able to do the party. That Rory is leaving in 2 days and they have a lot to do. [INDENT]Babette: "so this is goodbye?"[/INDENT]

Rory says she’ll visit them all tomorrow [INDENT]"I’m not ready for this to be a goodbye. It’s more like a see ya later"[/INDENT]
Rory and Lorelai leave, and their faces are still crestfallen inside. No party.
Luke goes to visit Sookie. Luke mentions that the graduation party was cancelled. Luke says they should throw the party anyway. It’s only one week earlier. And they can make it all a surprise party. Sookie says it’s very sweet and that Rory & Lorelai would love it. He asks Sookie to make desserts. Sookie smiles.
Rory and Lorelai are lugging around all the stuff they bought. 23 mini shampoo bottles instead of 1 big one. lol. Rory wants to get postcards so she can send them back. And a book light - Paris kept hers. Lorelai says she has a great idea. Miss Patty hurt her back last year, and had this funny pillow thing, and she bets Rory could borrow it. Better than 2 hours sitting on hard folding chairs.
Miss Patty’s place is locked. Lorelai knocks. She says she’s consulting her muse, lying down and keeping quiet. But, inside, the whole town. A secret ‘unofficial’ meeting to plan Rory’s party. They talk the plans - Sookie & Luke have the food covered. Taylor asks Luke if he has permits for outdoor barbequing. Babette chimes up that if the meeting is unofficial, Taylor’s word is not law there. Kirk will be DJ. LuLu has stuff they can use to decorate with. Taylor insists they are violating too many town ordinances. The town is in an uproar. They want the party and they are going to have the party. Luke says they need chairs in the gazebo. For the next night.
Rory and Lorelai are walking that night. Rory is complaining that 36 hours is not that much time to finish things. Lorelai says they need to get the fanny pack from Sookie. Rory wants to know why she would need a fanny pack. Lorelai says you never know when you need it. Like, what if Barak Obama needed gum? She could be gum buddies with the future president.
Rory goes over to see Lane and the boys. They are talking about Lane’s first kiss. She had never told Rory - was embarrassed. Lane reflects how just ‘yesterday’, they had been playing on the porch and talking about how they want to grow boobs, and now look at them. One married with babies, the other going off to report the world.
Zack pulls Lane inside. The town is complaining because they need to set up the gazebo, but Lane and Rory are out on the porch overlooking the square and they cannot do it. Lane says she won’t rush it. This is her goodbye.
Rory is freaking out. She had a couple of seconds to reflect and now is close to panic. She is afraid of it all. What if she’s a terrible reporter? Lane insists that everyone has confidence because she’s Rory - she can do it. Rory is afraid of leaving so soon - leaving her mom and everything so fast, and for who knows how long. Rory is sad that Lorelai is not sentimental - that she’s been so organized. Rory seems hurt about it. She’s tearing up. She thanks Lane for her friendship. It’s "so" - and Lane agrees. Rory says that this is what it must feel like to have a sister.
Rory comes home. Lorelai is ironing. Flat clothes fit into the suitcase easier. Rory says it was sad saying goodbye to Lane. Lorelai is talking a mile a minute. Going over plans for the next day and what they need to do. She says Rory probably won’t like the fanny pack.

Rory says she doesn’t get it. Why does Lorelai act like it’s no big deal. She hasn’t "reacted" to the news at all. How can she be so practical?[INDENT]"If I stop to think about you leaving now, I’ll fall apart. We still have time left. It’s too soon."[/INDENT]
Rory says she’ll iron, Lorelai can fold. They both look so sad!
The town is setting up the gazebo. Luke is being amazingly organized. Saying six is ok per table because people won’t always be sitting. He goes around and checks on Kirk, approves the centerpieces (Sookie’s arrangement, Jackson’s veggies). Babette runs over screaming. She says her ankles. It’s going to rain. Luke is a little annoyed it will rain tomorrow. But of course, Babette goes off about the weather man and that releases some tension. 200 people are too many to move to the diner. So, what do they do at 2 am? Zack says it was a nice idea, as if that’s it. No solution.
Lorelai stands in the doorframe of Rory’s room. Watching Rory sleep. She goes over to the bed and sits down. Pulls the blanket up over Rory. Lorelai starts to cry. Patting Rory on the side, she just cries.
An aside - we have the same quilt in the same color on our own bed.
Luke is in the diner sewing something together. A pile of sheets and tarps and whatnot are on the table. He’s using fishing twine. It looks huge. Luke opens the drawer to get something, and Lorelai’s necklace is inside. He picks it up and puts it in his pocket.
Lorelai and Rory are driving through town. It is raining like crazy. Rory is complaining because nobody is answering their phones and she wants to say goodbye. Lorelai points out the town - all under a big tarp, screaming and yelling with signs. Goodbye Rory signs. Rory asks if Lorelai did it, she says no. Zack and Jackson come over with umbrellas to get them safely undercover.
Crowd shots of everybody cheering. It’s a little corny, but we see all the town folk. Like each one of them gets camera time to say goodbye to Rory, and to us. And we see a very proud Luke.
Kirk presents Rory with a sash. He made it as "town sashmaker". He places it over her. Apparently the material was from his mother’s nighties. That gets an "ew" from Rory.
Lorelai sees Emily & Richard. Emily says they had to cancel a dinner because they only heard about it last night from Sookie. Lorelai is awed about the party. Richard says it’s not just a party for Rory, it’s a testament to Lorelai. That it takes a remarkable person to inspire all of that. That she is beloved by the town, and he is only coming to realize now how amazing they are. Lorelai tears up and says thanks. Emily returns to the spa question.

Taylor makes a speech for the "favorite daughter of Stars Hollow" in a creepy way, talking about birthing Rory quite graphically (it involves a womb, spanking and amniotic fluid, lets say). Taylor invites Rory up to make a speech:[INDENT]"I love this place. I just loved growing up here. I love all of you. And thank you so much for doing all of this."[/INDENT]
Rory says she doesn’t want to gush. And looks over at her mom to thank her personally. That she means everything to her and she will miss her so much. Rory and Lorelai both cry.

The party starts in full swing. Dancing and music. Luke is manning the grill. Emily tells Lorelai that instead of the spa, they could do a tennis court. That Emily and Richard are willing to loan Lorelai the money. That all it would require would be to get together from time to time to see how things are going. Lorelai says why don’t they just talk about it on Friday, at dinner. Emily asks, so are dinners continuing then? Lorelai says they might as well, she got used to it. They both look pleased, in a way. Lorelai recognized that Emily just wanted her to have the spa so she could offer her money and keep dinners - and she took the high ground. Emily diffuses the too emotional situation by telling Lorelai not to wear jeans[INDENT]"It’s an honor to be your grandmother, Rory Gilmore"[/INDENT]
Rory walks Richard and Emily to their car. Sookie comes over to Lorelai. She says "I can’t believe you pulled it off". Sookie says she only did the baking. Luke did it all. He planned the whole thing - that he did the food, got the secret town meeting together, and that he solved the rain issue by going around to everyone to get tarps, tents and rain jackets to sew together. And that it probably took all night. Lorelai looks touched, as Sookie knew she would. It’s an impressive thing for someone to do. e

Lorelai excuses herself to go find Luke. He’s coming out of the diner. Lorelai says thank you. Luke says it’s no big deal.[INDENT]"Luke…"[/INDENT]

[INDENT]"I just like to see you happy…"[/INDENT]
He says "you" not "Rory". He did this all for Lorelai. Lorelai moves in to kiss Luke, and he moves to her at the same time. It’s a mutual advance to kiss. We pan up to the town, dancing at the party.
Lorelai is putting the last bags together for Rory. They just make sure they have everything. Lorelai says she just needs more time. She feels ambushed. That she had a whole summer to impart wisdom to Rory. Tells Rory to choose a good bus, since it could be her seat all year. Where to sit for chatty folk and to get a window seat. And not to wear shorts, that it’s not professional. Not to be too shy or too forward. To take Ziplocs. And to take her orange sweater, because she knows Rory wants it.

Rory just keeps looking at Lorelai. She interrupts:[INDENT]"Mom, you’ve given me everything I need"[/INDENT]
Lorelai sighs. They both say "ok". Lorelai says "shall we", and Rory asks what’s the rush, that it’s 5am. Lorelai says they have a stop to make.
Rory and Lorelai at the diner, Luke pouring coffee. He opened early, just for them alone. Luke asks what they want. Rory and Lorelai admire the menu and says they can’t decide. Such pretty pictures. Luke says to take all the time she needs. This was definitely a dual meaning statement - it was a significant look at Lorelai, as if saying it about their relationship. As Luke walks away, Lorelai yells out her order. Of course she knows what she wants.
Rory admires the necklace Lorelai is wearing. That it suits her. Lorelai says thanks and turns slightly to look at Luke - it’s the necklace that he gave to her. So, their conversation must have been much more meaningful than just the kiss.
Lorelai talks about Rory’s "world’s greatest reporter hat," but Rory didn’t bring it. Lorelai asks, but how will people know she’s a great reporter without her fashion statement? Rory says they’ll just have to read her stuff. Lorelai says, "I guess so."
Pan out from the diner. Lorelai smiling at Rory. The lalas are playing in full swing.

Quelle vom Text ist

Ok, ich hab bisher nur die LL Szenen gesehen (4:49 min by the way) und hätte ich jetzt nicht schon sowas erwartet.. meine Laptop wäre in ernster Gefahr!
Das ist ja wohl ein Witz! Anders kann man das gar nicht beschreiben.
Lorelai geht zu ihm und bedankt sich als sie erfährt, dass er die Party für Rory ausgerichtet hat. Er gibt zurück, das er will das sie glücklich ist (Lorelai). Daraufhin küsst sie ihn, bzw beide lehnen sich gleichzeitig vor.
Wer allerdings den promo gesehen hat, sieht ALLES, denn länger ist der Kuss nun mal nicht, da abgeblendet wird!
Dann sieht man die letzte Szene im Diner und Lorelai trägt die Kette die Luke ihr geschenkt hat (was man ja nicht sieht- abgeblendet-) und sie kann sich nicht entscheiden was sie will.
Er sagt dann mit bedeutungsschwerem Lächeln sie soll sich alle Zeit nehmen die sie braucht und geht weg, Lorelai schreit ihm die Bestellung hinterher.
Sie fasselt irgendwas von Abschiedsgeschenken für Rory und es wird ausgeblendet- das war GG!

Eine endgültige Meinung bilde ich mir wenn ich alles gesehen han, aber im Moment finde ich Kellys Meinung zu dem wie es endet wieder sehr treffend: Es sei "respektlos gegenüber dem Fans!"- Das finde ich auch! Hoffentlich bricht der Baum vor Laurens Haus und die vor denen der Autoren, unter der Last des Toilettenpapiers zusammen!

Naja, laenger musste der Kuss ja auch nicht dauern. Und es wurde ja auch langsam Zeit. Gut es war jetzt keine Zeit fuer eine lange Versoehnungsszene mit Kettenuebergabe, aber das bleibt dann halt der Fantasie ueberlassen. Fands gut, dass mehr wert auf die Lorelai-Rory Szenen gelegt wurde, denn das macht die Serie doch aus.

Das am Ende war doch ne Anspielung auf fruehere Diner Szenen oder? Kam mir jedenfalls so vor. Deswegen fand ich es auch ganz nett. Und das Lorelai un Rory nochmal im Diner fruehstuecken, bevor sich ihre Wege trennen fand ich auch gut. Lukes Blick zu Lorelai sagte ja auch alles.

Hab grad in einem amerikanischen Forum gelesen das ASP die Folge mitproduziert hat? Hab da nicht drauf geachtet, muesste ich nochmal die Aufnahme checken, aber vielleicht kanns ja jemand hier bestaetigen?


Okay, habe die Folge noch nicht gesehen, gebe aber trotzdem mal meinen Senf zu dem allen ab.

Das mit Rory finde ich okay.

Aber das JJ Ende tut mir weh. Es hätte ja nicht gleich Traumhochzeit und Schwangerschaft sein müssen, aber das...nein. Mein gequältes JJ Herz bricht ein weiteres Mal.

LG Selene

ASP steht schon die ganze siebte Staffel als Produzentin mit drin, das hat irgendwie rechtliche Hintergründe, heißt aber nichts (jedenfalls nicht dass sie ihre Finger im Spiel hatte bei der Folge).

Seltsamerweise war es gar nicht der zu kurze Kuss der mich am meisten störte sondern das hier(ich bring mal meinen eigenen post ausm FF.. bin zu faul zum Tippen):
What actually disturbed me more than the "fading-to-black" during the kiss scene, was the last scene.
I think over the years Luke has earned himself a seat at the table, or if he has to work, he could stand by. He shouldn't have been way back there behind the counter, but with them at the table.
Time or no time, necklace or not, that's how I felt when I saw that scene. I felt like he was back to pining and waiting and watching from behind the counter, while Lorelai can do whatever she wants.
I somehow thought that he would be with them, maybe standing behind Lorelai, with a hand on her shoulder watching those two talk. But no.. no such thing.
I'm really really disappointed, although I was prepared for bad- I wasn't for "that bad"

Edit: Ok, Rest geguckt.

Ich muss sagen die Folge war(bis auf die LL Sache) ziemlich emotional. Allerdings wirkte es etwas reingequestscht.. jeder bekam nochm ne "Abschlussszene", so als hätten sie beim Drehen gemerkt "Mist, das könnte die letzte sein. Hey leute, alle in jeder einer Reihe aufstellen, jeder bekommt noch schnell ne Abschlussszene!"
Dadurch dass aber diese Szenen alle da waren bekamen die sls keine Abschlusswendungen. Alles belibt wie es war... LL fangen irgendwie von vorne an
Emily, Richard und Lorelai treffen sich weiterhin Freitags beim Essen, Emily giftet immer noch und sagt Lorelai nicht was sie empfindet, Taylor nervt noch, die Sache mit Sookies Baby wurde nie erwähnt, Lane und Rory bleiben in Kontakt, Rory und Lorelai haben Chris und Gigi malwieder vergessen(nachdem die zwei ja in letzter Zeit oh so wichtig waren) usw usw...
keine schlechte Folge,aber wie war das "We need more time".. 13 Folgen hätten sicher nicht geschadet um das Ganze zu einem vernünftigen Abschluss zu bringen

ja das stimmt, stimme dir und dem ursprünglichen post zu..

ich möchte auch ein Zeitat aus dem FF bringen,d ass für mich die sache sehr gut beschreibt:

It was about a mother and daughter who were each other's best friends. Lorelai getting together with Luke was just a bonus. I mean, don't get me wrong...I loved the L/L storyline. I was upset when Lorelai married Christopher. But I think this finale brought the show full circle. There's no where else to take the show. It wrapped up all the major storylines.

das ende war dennoch sehr nett, es war wie das Ende des Piloten und das mochte ich ja auch... natürlich war das LL ende nicht perfekt, aber ich meine wir hatten 5 wunderbare Staffeln staffel 6 der erste teil und staffel 7 der zweite Teil waren okay!
Die GG waren mir immer gute Freunde, waren da um mich aufzumuntern, wenn ich traurig war und brachten mich immer zum Lachen.
AUch wenn das Ende mich nicht zu 100% glücklich macht, weil luke nicht dort steht bei ihnen, weiß man doch was er alles für sie getan hat und ja man sieht wenig, aber in unseren Gedanken leben die beiden weiter und man kann ein Ende sowieso nicht allen recht machen...
Aber im allgemeinen war es eine sehr nette FolgeSmile



ich habe eben die letzte Folge gesehen und war doch sehr angenehm überrascht. Ehrlich gesagt kann man Folge 21 und 22 zusammen als gelungenes Ende sehen.

Sie haben Wort gehalten und die Fans haben das bekommen, was sie verdienen, ein würdiges Ende. Wirklich eine große Leistung, wenn man bedenkt, dass die Bekanntmachung der Serienabsetzung erst ca. 2 Wochen zurück liegt.

Lore's Rolle als Mutter in der Story ist nun beendet, Rory erobert die Welt in dem Beruf, den sie seit der Schulzeit anstrebte und ist noch frei und ungebunden in der Liebe, für Rorys Alter vielleicht auch das Beste.

Lorelei und Luke haben ihr Happy End und es bleibt auch eins, wie in jeder guten Romanze, weil man von nun an nichts Negatives, wie Streit oder Betrug mehr sehen wird, es bleibt eben dieser sehnsuchtsvolle und hingebungsvolle Kuss und ein liebevoller Blick. ( Am Beziehungsleben konnte man zwei Staffeln lang teilhaben, ich denke das reicht auch)

Auch die anderen, so geliebten Nebendarsteller hatten ihren verdienten Auftritt ... auch und gerade sie verkörperten doch Stars Hollow und man hätte sie nicht einfach vergessen können.

Dagegen waren Gigi und Chris doch wirklich nur Gastrollen, Chris hatte sogar seinen Auftritt in 7x21 als Daddy, also passt es doch. Es ging immer um Mutter und Tochter und wie passend war dann diese letzte Einstellung, wie damals im Piloten.

Ich kann zwar den Wunsch verstehen, Luke als Teil der Familie am Tisch sehen zu wollen, doch erstens weiß man, dass er dazu gehört, schon seit eh und jeh und braucht dazu keine Zeichen- und zweitens hätte sich das Essen nicht selbst zubereitet und wäre zum Tisch geflogen.

Scherz beiseite. Ich bin glücklich mit diesem Abschluss, meine Befürchtungen traten nicht ein und ich freue mich nun auf die übersetzten Folgen und damit dann auf meinen endgültigen Abschied von sehr unterhaltsamen und schönen GG-Jahren. Nicht ohne Traurigkeit, jedoch mit Genugtuung am Ende das gesehen zu haben, was mir wichtig war. Die beiden Protagonisten haben das bekommen, was sie und wir verdient haben.

Lieben Gruß

ich finde es schade das rory und Logan nicht zusammen geblieben sind oke ne hochzeit hätte ich auch nicht gut gefunden!!
Und das mit lorelei und Luke finde ich auch so lala, aber bei ist es einfach soo das ich immer deprimiert bin bei serien finalen und veränderungen (rory geht weg usw) finde es sehr schade das rory und lorelei nicht auf die amerika gehen konnten.


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